Circulation improvement

A massage with icoone increases blood flow to the tissues, oxygenates them and improves drainage, for light legs and feet.

It is at the base of the functioning of the whole organism, and it is a complicated hydraulic system with kilometers of blood vessels: blood circulation is fundamental for our well-being, because when it is not optimal, oxygen and other nutrients do not reach the cells and tissues, which cannot perform their tasks in the best way; furthermore, the waste products of metabolism cannot be drained effectively, and so they remain ‘trapped’, for example in the connective tissue.

Where circulation is most difficult

The result? Fluids and toxins accumulate in areas where our internal ‘aqueduct’ is not working perfectly. Some parts of the body are more affected than others. For example:

  • feet, which can be swollen to the point of making it difficult to wear the usual shoes, especially in the morning when you just wake up, at the end of the day or when it’s hot;
  • the legs, which often swell from the thighs to the ankles precisely because of poor circulation that leads to fluid stagnation. Typical in these cases is an unpleasant feeling of extreme heaviness in the legs;
  • the hands, which being also, like the feet, extremities farther away from the cardiac pump that sends the blood into circulation, can suffer from a more pronounced peripheral accumulation of liquids.

How to boost circulation and blood flow?

Blood circulation is nothing more than a sophisticated hydraulic system, working through a complex network of exchanges: to ensure that there is sufficient momentum to get the blood from the feet back to the heart, for example, the natural ‘pump’ of a nice walk can help a lot. Many lifestyle factors can help boost circulation and increase blood flow to tissues:

  • physical exercise improves circulation, because moving your limbs works like a kind of ‘peripheral pump’ that sends blood back to your heart; 
  • maintaining a healthy weight helps keep your peripheral blood vessels from ‘suffocating’ with fatty tissue, thus keeping them healthier; 
  • avoid tight clothing, so as not to hinder blood circulation; 
  • don’t stay in the same position for too long, because moving promotes proper blood flow; 
  • don’t smoke, because smoking weakens the blood capillaries and worsens their function.

A leg massage for circulation

If the feet and legs are often swollen, however, it may be appropriate to encourage the drainage of liquids and improve circulation with targeted treatments. To improve blood flow, icoone is excellent  because, thanks to its hand pieces equipped with microstimulators that massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute, it performs the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, in practice a deep massage that facilitates the drainage of liquids and the return of blood to the heartAt the same time, this innovative and unique stimulation of all skin and subcutaneous layers also increases blood flow to the tissues, improving oxygenation.

A massage with the hand pieces of icoone, available in a wide variety to treat even the most delicate skin and reach all areas of the body and face, as well as improve circulation of the blood and lymphatic circulation, also gives an instant feeling of wellness: legs feel lighter and just one twenty-minute session is enough to see results immediately on the oxygenation of the skin and the improvement of peripheral tissues.


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