Orange peel skin affects almost everyone, but today it can be reduced with treatments that act at the root of the causes.

Not even the slimmest women or teenage girls are spared: cellulite is the most democratic problem there is, since sooner or later nine out of ten women have to deal with it. The undesired orange-peel skin is the result of the alteration of the adipose and connective tissue under the skin: if the micro-circulation of the blood is jammed, liquids and toxins stagnate, worsening the metabolism of these tissues and leading to the appearance of nodules of fat cells trapped in rigid collagen fibers, with poor circulation and gradually become larger and more visible.


Types of cellulite

Cellulite is therefore a progressive phenomenon, with four different stages of increasing severity, which manifests itself in three different types:

  • there is in fact oedematous cellulite, in which the problem is above all the stagnation of liquids, when the skin can become paler and colder;
  • fibrous cellulite, with hollows and nodules that are hard and painful when touched;
  • adipose cellulite, with rigid nodules in which the connective tissue has poor blood circulation and does not breathe, there is local inflammation and the skin takes on a “mattress-like” appearance.

The main causes and parts of the body most affected by cellulite

Cellulite has a marked preference for certain parts of the body: thighs and buttocks are the first targets, but arms are also often not spared. In addition to unfavorable genetics, everything that worsens blood and lymphatic circulation or increases adipose tissue, which if there is too much of it ‘strangles’ the blood vessels, favors the appearance of cellulite: sitting for too long, smoking, bad posture, tight clothing or standing for a long time, for example, make the capillaries more fragile, hormonal imbalances can lead to water retention, a bad diet can increase the accumulation of fat in the cells, which then press on blood vessels altering microcirculation.

The first rule is therefore to prevent cellulite by eliminating, from a very young age, bad habits that facilitate it, with a healthy lifestyle made up of proper nutrition and regular physical activity: aerobic exercise, for example, is a panacea to ward off excess weight, water retention and poor circulation.

Cellulite remedies: effective and non-invasive icoone treatments

What to do, however, when, despite all our efforts, orange peel skin makes its appearance? Cellulite reduction solutions exist today, and icoone is one of the best strategies for the best cellulite treatment, because it acts on the root of the causes of the imperfection. The technology of the method is based on the use of special hand pieces equipped with microstimulators which, like thousands of tiny hands, massage the skin, providing up to 21,600 microstimulations per minute: it is the so-called Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation, an innovative and unique stimulation which allows for mobilizing the skin and subcutaneous tissue down to the deepest layers.
Scientific studies have shown that this micro-massage offers macro results: blood flow increases and connective tissue fibers become more flexible, so metabolic exchanges are promoted, tension on adipose tissue is reduced, drainage and blood circulation improve and with them the appearance and quality of cellulite skin.

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