Icoone Treatments
Cellulite reduction


Body Shaping

Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation

Skin tightening

Skin tightening

Face, breasts and cleavage lift

Stretch marks and wrinkle reduction

Circulation improvement

Circulation improvement

Lymphatic drainage

Lymphatic drainage

Immune system booster

Cellulite reduction
Body Shaping
Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
Anti-aging and skin rejuvenation
Skin tightening
Skin tightening
Face, breasts and cleavage lift
Face, breasts and cleavage lift
Wrinkles & stretch marks reduction
Circulation improvement
Circulation improvement
Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage
Immune system booster


Body Shaping

Anti-Aging And Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Tightening

Face, Breasts And Cleavage Lift

Wrinkles & Stretch Reduction

Circulation Improvement

Lymphatic Drainage

Relaxation And Rejuvenation

Three Simultaneous Actions


• Action on blood capillaries 

• Action on lymphatic system 

• Intracellular Spaces Drainage

• Reflex action of the sympathetic system



• Elastic secretion

• Collagen Secretion

• Improvement of skin Elasticity


• Simulation of lipolysis

• Body Reshaping 

Three Simultaneous Actions


● Action on blood capillaries

● Action on lymphatic system

● Intracellular spaces drainage


● Elastic secretion

● Collagen secretion

● Improvement of skin elasticity


● Simulation of lipolysis

● Body reshaping

about Icoone

Icoone® redefines your silhouette in few sessions with incomparable results. Icoone® stimulates tissues and boosts cells activity in order to obtain more results without trauma. The action of icoone® favors metabolic exchanges and improves the cellular activity, giving a general sensation of wellbeing along with aesthetic improvements.

This is the only technology to perform deep stimulation of the connective tissue, known as Multi Micro Alveolar Stimulation (MMAS), treating skin blemishes and flaws with visible results after the first treatment.
Icoone enables symmetrical two-hand stimulation, allowing the operator to work on both sides of the body at once, so as to ensure optimal benefits for the client and utmost comfort for the operator.

Our Results

Icoone redefines the silhouette, in just a
few sessions and with incomparable results.


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Booking an appointment

Please book your appointment in advance to ensure availability. This can be done via our website, email info@bodycontrolny.com or telephone  (Viber/WhatsApp) +1(929)225-4727.


Cancellation Policy

A valid credit card should be provided to secure a reservation (including gift certificate payment). Cancellations are processed on a 24-hour prior notice. In case of cancellations within a 24-hour period or no shows, we will charge 50% of booked service price. COVID related cancellations can be credited to future treatments if proof of positive test is provided for the relevant date.


Re-scheduling appointments

Please re-schedule your appointment 24 hours prior to the original date so that we can accommodate your request.


Preferred arrival time

We kindly ask you to arrive 15-20 minutes prior to our appointment to allow sufficient time for parking, filling out paper work as well as changing into the supplied robe for the treatment. As a courtesy to clients, we always finish procedures on time. Late arrivals will result in shorter procedure times.

Intake Forms
Intake Forms can be filled in prior to the procedure at Icoone Center as well as online for your convenience at XXX.

Gratuity and tax
Tax is not included in the procedure cost. Gratuities average between 18-20 % of the procedure price but are always left at the discretion of each guest.

Special treatment suit
A special treatment suit is available for purchase at the Icoone Center or is provided complimentary to a 5-10 treatment package.

The procedure price can be consulted on our website. Since treatment packages are advisable for optimal results, we offer value deals to meet our clients goals.

Why Icoone
Icoone represents a flagship technology which implies a non-invasive (painless) approach to stimulate fat metabolism and improve skin condition with no risks of uneven fat distribution or recovery requirements. Results are immediately visible following each procedure and have a cumulative build up effect when done regularly.

Lasting effect
Results are immediate and long-lasting. Similar to other weight loss practices, a commitment to exercise and diet needs to be kept to ensure results are maintained. A maintenance treatment is advisable on a bi-annual basis to address any weight and age related body changes.

Required number of treatments
We suggest a 10 session course of treatments with a distribution of up to 3 treatments per week to ensure optimal results. Recommendations based on individual requirements are provided and tailored to each client at the initial consultation.

Icoone treatment procedure
Icoone treatment is a two phase procedure. The treatment begins with a 20-minute basic program tailored to each individual guest, which prepares the body for a more targeted approach. We factor in the guest’s skin condition, the type of cellulite and the desired outcome when choosing the appropriate program. This gets the skin prepped for a focused phase, stimulates the micro circulation and the regeneration of the tissue, improves the anti-aging action, firms, remodels and provides a wellness effect. The focused treatment provides the opportunity to target a specific part of the body to address the needs of a particular guest to either reduce volume, remodel, tone or improve skin condition of an area (buttocks, knee skin, neck or bust, etc.) Both phases are delivered in tandem within one procedure. Guests are provided with a special suite while the treatment is performed using two massage heads.

Benefits of the lymphatic drainage massage
Lymphatic drainage massage contributes to body sculpting and weight loss, as well as improves skin condition.

We ask our guests to advise us on any medical conditions (pregnancy, blood pressure, heart condition, etc.) or allergies. Procedures cannot be performed in case of some skin conditions (open wounds, abrasions, etc.).

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Icoone® has been chosen by some of the world’s most exclusive and luxurious spas and clinics to offer their clients a unique relaxation and wellness experience.


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